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(adopted 7/10/11, reaffirmed on 12/8/12, 12/7/13, 12/6/14, 12/4/15)








Committee: Junior Programs
Staff Liaison: Tiffany Milner
Charge: To be responsible for the ITA Junior pathway, including all rules, regulations, policies and sectional tournaments for the junior program (both player development and recreational programs).

Committee Members:

Lindsay Rawstorne – Chair

Cindy MacMaster, CO
Carl Powell, ID
Kile Wilson, MT
Claire Roth, NV
Brad Ferreira, UT
Josh Cossitt, WY
Sandy Foley – Board Liaison


Committee: Adult Programs
Staff Liaison: Lynn Lozano
Charge: To be responsible for all adult league and tournament rules, regulations and policies.

Committee Members:

Diane Westlind – Chair
Tom Van DeHey, CO
Leon Samuels, ID
Scott Potter, MT
Irene Frazier, NV
Janice Smith, UT
Julie Francis – Board Liaison


Committee: Constitution/Rules/Grievance
Staff Liaison: Monica Haller Bradley
Composition: Three members appointed by President.
Charge: To review and rule on appropriate Section Grievances. To consult with the ITA Board when needed on ByLaw and Regulations edits. 

Committee Members:

Stephenson Emery – Chair
Vivian Klein, ID
Peter Ziemke, CO


Committee: Awards Committee
Staff Liaison: Adele Sobieski
Charge: To develop and implement a process of nominating and selecting our annual award winners and forwarding them to USTA-National.

Committee Members:

Trenton Alenik – Chair
Richard Hillway, CO
Nancy Gordon, ID
Laurie Cripe, MT
Ryan Gormley, NV
Eric Legg, UT
Susan Capozella, WY
Angela Emery – Board Liaison 


Committee: Diversity and Inclusion
Staff Liaison: Adele Sobieski
Charge: To monitor and evaluate how the ITA lives its core value of Diversity and inclusion. Specifically, this committee will monitor how the districts use annually designated/restricted diversity and inclusion funding.

Committee Members:

Eric Legg – Chair
John Nelson, CO
David Herrera, MT
Glen Alex, NV
Eric Legg, UT
Jesse Chavez, WY
Taryn Archer – Board Liaison

Committee: Officials
Staff Liaison: Monica Haller Bradley
Charge: To be responsible for:
     1) solicitation of prospective umpires and referees;
     2) teaching and training umpires and referees through umpire clinics and    tournament workshops;
     3) in conjunction with the State Umpire Chairmen, organize umpire clinics and tournament workshops;
     4) testing and certification of tennis officials.

Committee Members:

Barry Riddle – Chair
Jackie Jones, CO
Curtis Egge, ID
Jill Pike, MT
George Pietro, NV
Beverly O’Fee, UT
David Henry, WY
Brett Haberstick – Board Liaison


Coaches Commission
Committee Members:

Holger Nickel – Chair
Miikka Keronen, CO
Beck Roghaar, ID
Scott Potter, MT
Trenton Alenik, NV
Brad Ferreira, UT
Henner Nehles, NV (RTC Rep)
Kendall Chitambar, CO 
   (Colorado EDC Rep)
Tim Blenkiron, NV (Nevada EDC Rep)


For more detailed, committee-specific job descriptions, please contact
Monica Haller Bradley at mhaller@ita.usta.com.


Thanks to all our volunteers who dedicate their time to promote and develop the growth of tennis in the USTA Intermountain Section.







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