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10 and Under Tennis

10 and Under Tennis is a great play format for learning tennis, designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size. It is divided into two different levels - ages 8 and Under and ages 10 and Under. It's the fast, fun way to get kids into tennis - and keep them playing. Contact your district office or Tiffany Milner for information on local programs.






6 components to 10 and Under Tennis are:

1. Age
10 and Under Tennis format arranges kids into two age groups: the first is 8 and Under; the second is 10 and Under. In letting kids play with their contemporaries, they have more fun while learning and developing skills.

2. Scoring
10 and Under Tennis scoring system is simple. It helps kids understand the structure of the game and allows them to keep track of the competition as it unfolds. Conveniently, it also gives parents and players a start and finish time. For the 8 and Under group there are only seven points in a game, so match play is short and sweet. Kids play the best-of-three games; the first to score seven points wins the game. The first to win two games wins the match and the longest a match will last is approximately 20 minutes. The 10 and Under group should play the best of three sets and the first to win four games wins a set. For the third set, the first player to win the seven points wins the match.

3. Balls
Kids need a ball that is sized and paced to their playing abilities. A regulation tennis ball moves too fast, bounces too high and is too heavy for the smaller racquet. Each age group, therefore, uses a ball better suited to their size and unique playing ablility. For 8 and Under, a foam ball or a very low-compression ball moves slower, bounces lower and travels less distance. For 10 and Under, a low-compression ball moves a little faster and travels farther than the ball used with the younger group, but it still has a lower bounce than a regulation ball.

4. Racquets
For an adult player to succeed at tennis, racquet control is essential. Same goes for kids. However, since kids are smaller than adults, kids have trouble controlling full-size racquets. They're too long, too heavy and the grips are too large. Kids need racquets that are proportionate in length and weight and have a grip that fits their smaller hands For 8 and Under, the racquet should be 19", 21" or 23". For 10 and Under, the racquet should be 23" or 25".

5. Courts
8 and Under children will play on a court that is 36 feet long and 18 feet wide. Kids 10 and Under will play on a 60 foot court.

6. Net Height
8 and Under children will play with a net 2' 9" high. Kids 10 and Under will play with a net 3' high. 

36' court


60' court

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